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Bottled water packed with nanoplastics, study finds

Recent research has highlighted the presence of nanoplastics in popular bottled water brands, raising concerns about potential health impacts. At Intertek, we recognize the significance of safeguarding our food and beverages from harmful contaminants like microplastics. Our solutions offer comprehensive support in the following areas:

Ensuring Product Safety: Intertek conducts thorough testing of food and beverage items for microplastic contamination, ensuring compliance with safety standards and regulations, thus protecting consumer health.

Meeting Regulatory Requirements: With regulatory agencies increasingly mandating microplastic testing in food and beverages, Intertek's services assist companies in meeting these obligations, mitigating the risk of fines or product recalls.

Maintaining Consumer Trust: In an era of heightened awareness regarding microplastic pollution, demonstrating a commitment to testing for microplastics can enhance consumer trust, addressing concerns about product safety and quality.

Protecting Brand Reputation: Consumers' perceptions of a brand can be significantly influenced by its dedication to safety and quality. By utilizing Intertek's testing services, brands can uphold their reputation by ensuring their products are free from harmful contaminants.

Access to Expert Guidance: Intertek's experienced team offers guidance and support throughout the testing process, aiding companies in understanding test results and implementing necessary corrective measures.

Fast Turnaround Times: Intertek provides testing services at pace, enabling companies to promptly assess product safety and take appropriate action if required.

Intertek's Microplastics Testing Services offer companies the assurance they need to confidently bring safe and compliant products to market, addressing the growing concerns surrounding microplastic contamination.

In a trailblazing study, researchers have discovered bottled water sold in stores can contain 10 to 100 times more bits of plastic than previously estimated — nanoparticles so infinitesimally tiny they cannot be seen under a microscope.


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