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Six Ways Companies Can Prepare For A New Mission: Climate Disasters

Forbes recently outlined six crucial strategies companies should adopt in anticipation of increasing climate disasters. In an era marked by environmental unpredictability, businesses must pivot to prioritize resilience and adaptability. Key recommendations include diversifying supply chains to mitigate risks, investing in infrastructure resilience, and fostering a company culture that values adaptability. Moreover, contingency planning, staying updated with scientific forecasts, and public-private collaborations can significantly shield companies from unexpected disruptions. As the threat of climate disasters looms larger, businesses that proactively address these challenges not only protect their bottom line but also showcase responsible leadership.

Many companies are implementing ISO 22301 as a means for mitigating their risk. ISO 22301:2012 was developed as the world’s first international standard for Business Continuity Management (BCM) to help organizations prepare and ensure their business can continue in the face of external threats such as a natural disaster or information security breaches. Ever-growing threats, such as attacks and catastrophic weather events can cause interruption in service delivery, the supply chain, displacement/harm of personnel, or damage to company inventory and property which will ultimately hurt your bottom line.

For more information please visit: ISO 22301 – Business Continuity Management (

While this is new territory for corporations, recent actions taken by Walmart and Verizon in response to Hurricane Idalia demonstrate the importance of creating and maintaining a strategic approach that links climate change objectives and social impact priorities with the operational capacity to deploy support at a moment’s notice.


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