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Data helps deliver your delicious sustainable ice-creams

It's late summer here in the UK and I'm hoping the sunshine, wherever you may be, plus the image of some great ice-creams from Antonelli Cones (shamelessly plugging a UK ice cream cone company!) has tempted you to click through to this article.

A few years ago including data and ice-cream from your local ice-cream van in the same sentence would have raised a few eyebrows!  But we now find that so much of our lives are powered by digital tools and technologies - from how we learn, how we get news, how we plan our days etc and as it happens how data helps your local ice-cream maker know that the cold refreshing ice-cream you buy from them meets all the quality, safety and sustainability levels that they strive to give you every day.

Enjoy the day and remember that behind every great sustainable product, there's data ;-)

With National Ice Cream month fast approaching, there’s no better time to talk about how digitalization powers the food supply chain that churns out sustainable eats like the scrumptious cookies and caramel ice cream I enjoyed onsite.


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