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Real-Time sustainability data on garments? Isn´t that a bit over the top?

I read an article today about having real-time sustainable information on (every) apparel. At first it sounded a bit far reached to me, as I believe having the data still doesn´t tackle the real issue which is increased production and consumption. Nutritional facts on food also doesn´t really keep us from eating the "wrong stuff".

However on second thought maybe these ideas including a carbon caclulator which doesn´t rely on the review of the previous 12 months only but is supposed to be current and including real-time data as e.g. sales during a Black Friday could educate consumers to start changing buying habits. Or this information could be included in the requirements for sustainability reports which are being asked for in more and more acts and laws throughout the world.

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“So this is inspired, obviously, by nutrition facts, but for us, the critical thing is that it’s actually leveraging state-of-science technology to measure those liters of water and kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions,”


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