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FSSC's New FSSC 24000 Social Responsibility Scheme

In October 2022, FSSC launched the FSSC 24000 scheme to address industry social sustainability and performance matters. The new scheme helps organizations create a more effective social management system, taking into consideration the UN SDGs and sustainability concepts that help improve the communities they operate in. The FSSC 24000 standard leverages an ISO Harmonized Structure which uses the Plan-Do-Check-Act approach and risk-based thinking to help drive continual improvement.

By utilizing the ISO Harmonized Structure, the standard enables organizations to integrate their management systems with the existing FSSC 22000 system and expands utilization of the standard beyond the food-sector.

Built on the success of the Integrity Program of FSSC 22000, the trustworthiness of the Integrity Program for FSSC 24000 is assured. The scheme encapsulates continuous monitoring and covers all activities of the licensed CBs to oversee their compliance with scheme requirements. The overarching principles of the FSSC 24000 Integrity Program will again ensure trusted brand assurance to the consumer goods industry.


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