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Adoption of "Directive on Green Claims" to be approved

It seems that its finally the time to say: "Enough of BS on claiming how green and envoronment friendly a company might be, without being able to substantiate",

The lawmakers of the EU Parliament voted with a high majority to approve the adoption of new proposed rules requiring companies to prove and verify their environmental claims and labels to protect consumers from greenwashing.

As an example one of the new requirements proposed by the EU Parliament is to include in the regulations a ban on green claims such as "carbon or climate neutrality" that are based solely on carbon offset programmes.

Hopefully this new directive will lead to two results:

1. the public will be spared of misleading statements

2. companies will be forced to spend more thoughts and finance on environmental programmes, otherwise they will lose against competition investing in such programmes.

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The industry will no longer profit from making consumer goods that break just as the guarantee period is over. Consumers will have to be provided with information about the options and cost of repairs in a clear manner. Product labels will inform citizens which goods are guaranteed to last longer and producers whose goods are more durable will profit. The jungle of false environmental claims will end as only certified and substantiated ecological claims will be permitted.


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