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Methane on the rise!

Tackling climate change in the short-term was one of the reasons for joining the global pledge to decrease methane emissions by 30 % b 2030 (more than 125 countries committed in Glasgow to the Global Methane Pledge). Methane is "shorter lived" in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide and therefore also has a lower impact on climate change.

However the recent report from the UN environment programme "An Eye on Methane: International Methane Emissions Observatory 2022 Report  " still shows an increase of methane emissions. Even worse it has skyrocketed faster than at any time since the 1980s.

These days ahed of COP 27 a new report called "Methane Matters: Towards a global Methane agreement" has been published by Changing Markets Foundation with Gaia and Environmental investigation agency. You can find the link to a comment and the report itself  on .

We need a strong basis for action grounded on improved emissions data to close the emissions gap and reduce warming in the short term.


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