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How do you help your Chief Sustainability Officer as the ESG risks mount?

As the article below from the FT articulates, CSOs are an increasingly indispensable part of the executive team and their deep expertise brings a fantastic input and dynamic to corporations.

With sustainability increasing in visibility and focus so does the need to expand the CSO's skillset and remit.  Specific ESG topic expertise (whether that be climate, social compliance topics etc) continue to be core to the role but we also see the importance of having the operating skillset to be able to manage the programs required to deliver against each corporation's individual ESG goals.

It's these programs and the reporting around them that enable companies to demonstrate the achievement of the immediate goals which manage these risks; and actually more importantly, to give their teams the insight to plan for the impact they can make in the future.

So which skills do you and your team have that will contribute to the ESG journey we all need to be on together?

From my perspective our data and digital teams are clear about and excited about how they can bring the rich audit, testing, inspection and assurance data we collect to life - providing valuable and actionable insight to drive action.  And it even gives them a chance to talk with their grandparents, parents, children and friends about what they tangibly do at work that has an impact on all our futures.

Exciting times!

"the requirement for deep climate expertise” is less important than it used to be. “It is actually the ability to operate at the C-suite {level}, to have those conversations with the CFO {chief financial officer} about reporting"


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