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Technology enables sustainability change through the tech solutions themselves, but also more importantly by enabling organisations and networks.

It is fantastic to see the quote below from Microsoft which is replicated in many leading organisations. It is a clear statement that our roles are not to just recognize what we have achieved in the sustainability arena within our own scope, but to amplify the impact through partnership and collaboration.

Formal partnerships bring together different services and skills outside our immediate corporate tool-kits (sustainability experts, communications specialists, technologists) to build a more complete package for end companies and consumers.  And proactive collaboration, sharing of innovation and ideas into our extended networks allows the tools we can offer and the processes and ideas to be leveraged across a broader footprint.

We all have existing networks and through properly engaging those networks and collaborating openly, rather than just focusing on the transactional interaction, we can really scale the good commitments and actions we are striving for, as well as learn and grow from the good ideas in our own networks.  

This is where Microsoft can be committed to their statement - they use their technology expertise and the skills of the partners to make their sustainability solutions available to an extensive network to accelerate their own individual sustainability journeys. 

This is where we have also been excited to collaborate across Intertek's wide spread of assurance services and bring Intertek's Wisetail technology platform (and associated people assurance services) into our broader supply chain offering.  

The Wisetail statement of Turning Companies into Communities hits the collaboration message across communities spot on.  The Learning Experience Platform (LXP) supports and strengthens a corporate sustainability promise through building an engagement with your people and your supply chain and building a stronger culture and ability to scale the sustainability objectives.  

Our commitments and actions on sustainability are far-reaching .......... Our goal isn’t just to become more sustainable though, we want to help every organization on the planet to do the same.


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