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5 year olds spot compostable packaging and windfarms - change is happening but are we all individually (you and I) doing our part?

Stopping for lunch today on holiday my 5 year old pointed out that his sandwich came in a compostable package and that in the distance he could see wind turbines. 

We love that Ireland is thinking about the world he is growing up in and making it it easy for us to choose to be part of the solution. 

Stepping back I realised that for quite a while I have been defensive about the climate change headlines (it’s not me, it’s a long way away, I can’t influence it) and a quiet reminder from my 5 year old asking why we don’t always buy sandwiches in compostable packaging rather than plastic, reminded me that choosing to be part of the solution is very rewarding - and much better than defending why I may not be doing enough. 

For anyone taking a 15 min break and even an ice cream on the beach on holiday 😉 - the TED talk link below is a great discussion about the mindset change from defensive to solution and action. 

Let’s choose to be part of the solution

The biggest obstacle to driving sustainability change lies between your ears……