With more than one third of all food, and over half of all fruits and vegetables produced being wasted, we are not talking about Food Waste enough.

  • We are not talking about that Food Waste actually exceeds the waste created by any other commodity.

  • We are not concerned enough with the fact that so much food is wasted, while 1 out 9 people suffer from chronic undernourishment.

  • We don't think of the indirect waste of water, land and other resources used to produce, process, handle, package and transport the food.

  • We don't hear much about the greenhouses gases generated by it - which is a staggering 8%.

Now, before we start blaming the supply chain which includes the harvesters, processing plants, distribution facilities and retailers, we need to realise that we as consumers are responsible for 20% - 30% of this waste, which is actually the biggest source of waste within the supply chain. And according to The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization there is a lot we can do to reduce it, so let's start with ourselves.

Let's take serious steps , let's spread awareness and let's support zero waste food businesses.

With increased awareness and action on the consumer side, stronger regulations and government support of zero waste organisations, along with better supply chain efficiency along the food production chain, we can work together to decrease food waste and reduce world hunger.