An interesting article here from Fortune which talks about the key to making your company greener?

The huge progress on sustainability over the past few years means companies are refining their sustainability objectives as they increasingly recognise the competitive imperative to take and demonstrate action. Communicating their sustainability story supports their ability to not only differentiate themselves with the consumers, but also tap into the $1 trillion global sustainable finance market now available.

My focus on analytics and data services was triggered as the article concluded that a strong finance team was the key to making your company greener.  

Defining, tracking and measuring quantitatively against targets is a well-known finance function strength.  The key is then extending this strength and disciplined process out to every business team, from procurement to production. Using data and analytics to effectively provide the whole organisation with visibility to manage, achieve and validate their own team's contribution and responsibility against the company's existing and emerging sustainability initiatives.  Thus, building a total sustainability programme which is meaningful to all levels of the organisation.

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