It is becoming increasingly challenging for organizations to keep their employees engaged and attentive to their training and learning content. This is due to the ever-reducing attention span and time of the current generation because of the amount and variety of information that is presented today. Organizations have realized the importance of presenting information and learning content in a format that suits the needs and expectations of their current workforce.

Microlearning is becoming a more prevalent concept in the discipline of employee learning and development. It is a technique to present the learning content into short and quick messages making it incredibly appealing and easy to recollect. It complements the traditional communication and training methods where the content is presented in a new and polished manner to attract the attention of learners and increase their engagement.

This gets further substantiated when we see the “How-to Videos” are graded as the second most popular type of YouTube videos. These videos are a classic example of Microlearning application where information is provided in short bits and pieces to communicate the message in a faster and effective manner. The success and fame of these short videos is in the fact that it places a precise emphasis on a specific task.

More and more organizations are adopting microlearning today to transform their learning and development content into effective programs. The ease of access through mobile devices, makes it more successful and cost-effective.

Intertek recently scaled up the deployment of microlearning techniques in training and education programs for its clients, with the recent launch of Protek People Assurance, an Employee E-Learning program as part of Intertek Protek, the world’s first health, safety and wellbeing assurance program for people, workplaces and public spaces. Visit to learn more about this bespoke Microlearning solution which is based on an award-winning learning platform and includes several interactive elements to ensure employee engagement and comprehension.