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There are no shortcuts to Risk Management

Risk management isn't about putting on a show; it's about implementing practical measures and achieving real results. In the current challenging landscape of threats, we must avoid risk management theater and focus on substance.

Shortcuts in risk and compliance can cause serious damage. We need to adopt a questioning approach, stay vigilant, unify around risk and compliance, and measure what truly matters. By doing this, we create a strong, effective strategy that safeguards our organization's success and turns risk management into a competitive advantage.

At Intertek, we develop and integrate industry-leading intelligence, research, and technology to deliver risk management solutions that provide a competitive edge. Our experts work with customers to identify, manage, and mitigate risks affecting their investments, infrastructure, products, inventories, supply chains, safety, compliance, business, reputation, and other factors.

While everyone enjoys a good show, risk management has no place for theatrical performances. Organizations must remain focused on outcomes rather than mere processes to achieve true risk management that propels the business forward. Within our threat landscape, where appearances can deceive, organizations must steer clear of risk management theater and focus on substantive practices. The consequences of shortcuts in risk and compliance are far-reaching and can result in irreparable damage. By adopting a Socratic approach, maintaining continuous vigilance, unifying the organization around risk and compliance, and measuring what truly matters, businesses can move beyond the superficial aspects of risk management and achieve a robust, effective and compliance-driven strategy. The goal is not merely to follow a process but to safeguard the organization's success and make risk management a competitive asset that propels the business forward.


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