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Strengthening Cargo Security Across the Supply Chain

Cargo security is paramount in safeguarding goods throughout their journey. Each stage presents vulnerabilities, making it imperative to ensure proper sealing and security measures are in place. Without adequate protection, containers can be accessed multiple times, resulting in stolen contents easily sold on the black market. The consequences of stolen cargo are significant, with financial losses reaching into the millions. To combat this, advanced container security measures have been developed, including high-quality seals, unique identification methods, regular inspections, and GPS tracking systems. By implementing these best practices and staying informed about security developments, businesses can effectively mitigate the risk of theft and ensure the safe transportation of their cargo.

Intertek's cargo container inspection services are designed for clients seeking assurance during loading and unloading. We ensure safety, quality, and proper handling procedures are met and followed.

“Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies often opt for advanced seals equipped technology, enabling real-time tracking and monitoring of sensitive pharmaceutical products to comply with stringent regulatory requirements and maintain product integrity,” Lovan says. “The food and beverage industry may utilize seals designed to withstand environmental factors and provide clear evidence of tampering, ensuring food safety and compliance with regulatory standards.”


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