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Next steps for PFAS restriction proposal under REACH: first meeting in march 2024

The national authorities of Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden proposed in January 2023 a restriction covering a wide range of PFAS uses and ECHA’s scientific committees are now evaluating it.

Following the screening of a large number of comments received during the consultation,  the five national authorities who prepared the proposal are updating their initial report to address the consultation comments. This updated report will be assessed by the committees (RAC and SEAC) and will serve as the foundation for their opinions.

The sectors and elements that will be discussed in the next three committee meetings are:

  • March 2024 meetings:
    • Consumer mixtures, cosmetics and ski wax;
    • Hazards of PFAS (only by RAC); and
    • General approach (only by SEAC).
  • June 2024 meetings:
    • Metal plating and manufacture of metal products; and
    • Additional discussion on hazards (only by RAC).
  • September 2024 meetings:
    • Textiles, upholstery, leather, apparel, carpets (TULAC);
    • Food contact materials and packaging; and
    • Petroleum and mining.

More information about the committees’ plans to evaluate the remaining sectors and about the next procedural steps will be announced as work advances.

Stay tuned!

ECHA is clarifying the next steps for the proposal to restrict PFAS under REACH


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