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Lean thinking is fundamentally transforming the way organizations operate. The Lean principles of continuous improvement, respect for people, and a relentless focus on delivering customer value are making teams and organizations rethink the practices that might have guided them for decades.

Effective Lean management requires transforming leaders so they champion Lean principles. In order to maintain a sustainably fast pace of innovation, Lean organizations encourage continuous improvement, experimentation, and learning across the organization. But how? 

  1. Go to the workplace (Gemba) and encourage a student mentality
  2. Stop the line to ensure quality
  3. Eliminate waste to increase speed
  4. Increase the visibility among your organization
  5. Practise lean in the organization and celebrate even a small improvement

We can summarize the key characteristic features of lean leaders: 

  1. Commitment
  2. Passion for Learning - Striving for Excellence
  3. Team player - Emotional Intelligence
  4. Decision Making Power
  5. Leadership by Example

Make a self assessment and start today to trigger the change. You have that power internally!



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