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Report Urges Korean Companies to Prepare for EU's 'Digital Product Passports'

A recent report emphasizes the need for Korean companies to prepare for the European Union's forthcoming 'Digital Product Passports.' These passports will provide detailed digital information about products, including their environmental impact and sustainability performance insights such as durability, recyclability, repairability, recycled content.

Adapting to this EU initiative is crucial for Korean businesses, as it will impact trade relationships and market access. By proactively integrating digital data related to operations and their own supply chain , companies can demonstrate commitment to environmental responsibility and gain a competitive edge in the EU market.

Staying ahead in the era of sustainability is not only wise but also essential for global trade success; and while this article speaks about Korean companies, let’s not forget this is a global issue and companies in various markets will benefit from adopting same practices to stay ahead of the curve.  

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A Korean think tank said local companies must improve their environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) as the European Union (EU) moves to adopt "digital product passports" by 2026. In a report published Friday, the Korea International Trade Association's Institute for International Trade said the EU's ecodesign regulations would go into effect this year after approval by the European Council and European Parliament.


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