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Building up a Food Safety Culture climate in the food industry

In recent years, the significance of food safety culture has surged, evident in dedicated chapters within GFSI standards and emerging legislation. Establishing a robust food safety system necessitates a pervasive culture ensuring its seamless integration onto the operational floor and fostering unwavering commitment from all personnel towards the production of safe food.

Crafting such a culture, however, is no arbitrary feat—it transcends mere decree or magic. Identifying three pillars: a robust quality system providing a framework for daily operations, meticulous monitoring of signals and incidents to identify opportunities for improvement, and a profound acknowledgment of the social context, recognizing that culture is fundamentally shaped by individuals. Together, these pillars create a resilient foundation, empowering personnel and ensuring the enduring quality of our products.

Establishing a robust food safety culture hinges on three key milestones. Firstly, leadership, at every level —serving as role models is crucial for cultivating a culture where adherence to rules is ingrained. Secondly, comprehensive training is essential; by ensuring personnel understand their roles, commitment naturally follows. Lastly, consistent communication, highlighting both successes and incidents, fosters a climate of transparency and shared learning. The synergy of competencies, skills, and information gradually enhances the food safety culture. Only when these pillars harmonize can a positive evolution be observed. This approach transforms quality management into a motivational tool, yielding efficiency, heightened personnel engagement, cost-effectiveness, and continuous improvement, even without explicit emphasis on the evolving standards.

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"The day and operator dares to address his manager to highlight a better way to respect hygiene rules, then our food safety culture is a success" David Vande Putte, Head of Quality, BENEO


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