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Why managing risk is now essential to marketing

This is an older article authored by Charlotte Rogers with MarketingWeek, but it is even more important today than when it was written. In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, managing risk has become an indispensable facet of successful marketing. With digitalization and the proliferation of social media, the potential for reputational damage and brand crises is higher than ever. Consumers are also more discerning, demanding ethical practices and transparency. Effective risk management safeguards against unforeseen pitfalls, such as data breaches, PR disasters, or market volatility, which can cripple a brand's image and bottom line. By proactively identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks, marketers can protect their brands, maintain customer trust, and seize opportunities with confidence. In the dynamic world of marketing, embracing risk management is not just wise; it's essential for survival and growth.

With ad fraud, brand safety and data breaches presenting increasing threats, managing financial risk is now a key responsibility of marketing.


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