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Report: The Sustainability Marketing Skills Gap report 2023

The Chartered Institute of Marketing's (CIM) "The Sustainability Marketing Skills Gap Report 2023" serves as a timely alarm bell for the marketing industry. As sustainability becomes a cornerstone for modern businesses, the report illuminates a significant skills gap in integrating sustainable practices into marketing strategies. It's not just about touting a "green" image anymore; it's about having a comprehensive understanding of what sustainability means across various facets of a business and communicating that effectively to consumers.

The report highlights the urgency of the matter. As consumer expectations shift towards responsible consumption, the stakes are higher for brands to demonstrate genuine commitment to sustainability. Failure to do so not only risks consumer trust but also puts companies at a competitive disadvantage. However, successfully navigating the complexities of sustainability requires specialized skills and knowledge—something many in the industry still lack.

This skills gap is an opportunity in disguise for both current professionals and new entrants to the marketing field. Educational institutions, marketing agencies, and businesses have a shared responsibility to bridge this gap. Curricula need to evolve, ongoing training needs to be established, and organizations should foster environments that encourage lifelong learning in sustainability practices.

The takeaway from the report is clear: addressing the sustainability marketing skills gap is not optional; it's a business imperative for future success. The sooner we act, the better we can adapt to an increasingly eco-conscious marketplace.

40% of marketers currently don’t have marketing qualifications relating to sustainability but, promisingly, would like to.


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