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UK alongside with Russia and Belarus ...

The recent Guardian article discussing the UK's consideration to withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights to curb Channel migrant crossings is a matter of deep concern. While the move aims to deter unauthorized immigration, it could have broader, unsettling implications for human rights protections. Disengagement from such a foundational international treaty sets a worrying precedent, raising questions about the UK's commitment to universal human rights standards. While it's crucial to address immigration issues, it should not come at the cost of eroding principles that serve as the bedrock of democratic societies. This development merits close attention and scrutiny.

Leaving the ECHR would mean the UK would sit as an outlier in Europe, alongside only Russia and Belarus, who are already outside the convention. “This would be using a sledgehammer to crack a nut, when the government already has a perfectly good nutcracker it can use.”


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