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Traceability - a global effort and digital challenge

When we talk about traceability we all have a certain perception in mind, what it means and should look like. It gets quite soon really challenging e.g. if you try to capture the data from thousands of beehives in several countries to identify the origin of the honey.

The question is, which data in what form do we need and how do we store and share it so that it can be used in different markets and in a standardised format?

It is a global effort and a digital challenge that we gladly accept!

The FDA will officially implement a new food traceability rule on November 7, 2022. While the new rule requires a detailed account of food’s origin and movements throughout production, processing and shipping, the food industry still lacks international standardized guidelines that factor in countries’ varying health and agricultural priorities. As this continues to be one of the global food system’s biggest challenges, we spoke with Sara Bratager, Food Traceability & Food Safety Scientist at the Institute of Food Technologists, to discuss where the food industry stands currently, and opportunities to establish a global standard that is mutually beneficial (and achievable) for all.  The FDA is scheduled to finalize new FSMA traceability rule on November 7. What are some of the key changes that food manufacturers and suppliers will need to address with the new rule?


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