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Retailers Lose Billions By Not Signposting Product Accessibility

Research published by the Business Disability Forum in the UK found that consumers with disabilities are left confused and uncertain about a product or services level of accessibility. I know first-hand, that if I can't be sure a product will be accessible, I won't purchase it. Often a small amount of extra information can make all the difference.

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Chris Owen started his sight loss journey a few years ago and has been blogging his journey of creating an accessible Kitchen. This post highlights the considerations when trying to pick appliances > Letting the (brick) dust settle – Part 4: That perfect souffle – Blind Man with a Backpack 

Now is the time to build back ever better by ensuring products and services publish when they are and aren't accessible.

Amongst the key findings, it was identified that 65% of disabled consumers felt their purchasing choices were limited on a daily basis by barriers and 43% reported abandoning an online or in-person shopping task early due to a paucity of information on design and how it might relate to accessibility. The financial consequences for retailers of getting this so wrong are potentially dire – with the global spending power of disabled people equaling a market the size of China – the “Purple Pound” in the U.K. alone accounting for some £274 billion annually.


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