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Accessible Assurance in Action

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month. As part of Intertek Business Assurance’s commitment to supporting the disabled community, we offer solutions such as the Intertek Cristal AccessCheck module, which provides independent verification to ensure hotels, restaurants, and other participants in the hospitality industry are accessible by all. Intertek is also part of the Valuable 500, a global community of CEOs who have committed to putting disability inclusion on their corporate agendas and using business as a force for good. 

Additionally, our team is furthering our commitment to affect systemic change by adopting a disability-inclusive mindset and applying this ethos to our own projects, such as transcripts for our podcast and subtitles on our webinars. This also includes the way we write about disabilities and the words we use. The attached style guide is from the National Center on Disability and Journalism and outlines how we can better in our writing. The AP Stylebook is also working to expand its guidance on writing about disabilities. 

Writing about disability is complicated and requires sensitivity — a must for any form of journalism that involves people. If you are in doubt about how to refer to a person, ask the person.


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