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Simple is not good enough anymore...

The unscrupulous threats and people with ill intent continue to get more are more sophisticated. Our Business dealing are more technology based and network driven than ever before. 

in a 2020 cost of a data breach report*, we learn the following statistics. 

Average Cost - 3.86 Million Dollars in the USA

Highest industry costs - Healthcare

Average costs to identify and contain 280 Days

* Source - IBM Security cost of a dat breach 2020

This is why you need a system to have an effective response to harden your defenses. The best baseline is the ISO-27001: 2013 standard for Information Security.

Intertek can assist with your this investment that can save your organization time, money and headaches by implementing an Information Security Management System.

Charlie Clark  - Intertek

Key cyberthreats and trends of 2020 1. COVID-19 themed exploitations 2. Remote workers under attack 3. Cybercriminals focus on MSPs 4. Ransomware is still the number one threat 5. Simple backup and security are not enough anymore


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