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How did you respond to this test of resilience?

The key to an organization’s agility and competitiveness is resilience. This fact is increasingly being recognized now as the business environment is continuously exposed to an extended dilemma of instability and uncertainty. To sustain in today’s challenging landscape of business environment, organizations must have the principles of resilience at its core of business model. 

Several organizations reacted to the current business disruption by rushing to learn and adopt resilience and risk management practices. It is no surprise that when International Organization for Standardization (ISO) enabled a free read-only access of multiple standards for the public to support the global efforts in dealing with the COVID-19 crisis, the most commonly viewed standards were from the discipline of resilience, risk management and business continuity. This speaks volumes about the immediate requirements of industries nowadays.

We witnessed several examples of organizations that manage to unmask the existing opportunities in the current crisis by swiftly exercising their change management abilities which were nurtured on the fundamentals of organizational resilience. On the other hand, there are many examples of organizations who struggled through the crisis and their lack of resilience and incompetence in business continuity exposed them during the wide-scale disruption caused by the crisis, resulting in either a partial or complete shut down of the operations on a permanent basis.

Intertek’s purpose of making the world a better and more sustainable place has never been more relevant. We have partnered with several organizations across the world in strengthening their business resilience and risk management in order to help them in navigating through these constantly evolving circumstances. Our industry-agnostic, end-to-end solutions provided a complete suite of auditing, training, inspection, verification and certification services. Our Business Continuity Management Systems certification solution remains in a high demand as it is the most relevant solution for the current test of organizational resilience. 

So how has your organization responded to this unanticipated test of resilience?

This crisis has laid bare an imperative for companies to not only be productive and efficient but to also be resilient during crises. The impact of this movie-like crisis has created a new mandate. Business resilience has become every leader's new focus, and it mustn't become just a new catchphrase.


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