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Virtual - the viable alternative. What is holding you back?

I started to invest significant time with my team to look into viable alternatives since COVID challenged all industry sectors to find a different way to do things. We are one of the first to engage in the market to speak about a 'virtual alternative' for social audits to ensure due diligence in labor risk and the reward to see the industry slowly but surely adapting and embracing a virtual alternative is encouraging.

Similar to the article, we at Intertek introduced - Inview, long before the pandemic, however, a vision to offer an alternative toward sustainability among many other advantages.

I am keen to speak further with all those exploring virtual alternatives - read more at

A quote from our founder Thomas Edison - “There’s a way to do it better  ..Find it.” Let's share and learn together to achieve more.

virtual showrooms are not set to replace all face-to-face interactions. Instead, they will simply be a viable alternative to enhance and improve productivity in the industry