"COVID-19 Has Redrawn The Map Of Consumer Demand. Don’t Assume Your Brand Will Be At The Center Of It - How Are You Tracking?" By Franck Sarrazit, Ph.D, Principal Consultant, Qualtrics

"Brand experience has never been more at the forefront than it is today. "

I think this a great article that explains very well how COVID-19 has caused a dynamic shift in consumer demands.

So it is rather a back to "the new (better) normal" then a back to "the normal" that the industry has to consider looking at in regards to consumer brand expectations for the future as the article mentions.

"The biggest learning lies in the need to be more prepared. These industry-wide shifts during the pandemic underscore the need for speed, adaptability, and agility for your brand to win in the future. These skills will create and nurture “a new better” for brands, and with it, the ability to better anticipate small and large changes so they can continuously emerge on top."

Thanks to Franck for this article.

With the growing market in online ordering for consumer goods and services, customers are investing more time in getting more detailed information about the Brand and the product or the service that they buy.

A quick search gives them the opportunity to compare products (e.g. nutritional values on food) and services, joined certification schemes, specific quality & safety criteria applied, engagement in environmental and sustainability programs etc.

I am looking forward to seeing that these differentiators will also be picked up again by the demanded adaptability and agility to define “the new better".