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| 1 minute read

Watch your back (and your front and sides)

Doorbell cameras are getting hacked, and unfortunately, the hardware and software make it fairly easy to do so. In February, Consumer Reports investigated some popular brands that were as simple to hack as downloading an app and holding a button on the device for 8 seconds. 

Boom, you're in. 

And once you're in you can see what the homeowner sees, hear what the homeowner hears, know who is coming and going at what times, which way they're going when they leave, and even share all this info online for others (to buy?). 

As always, take correct precautions when the connected devices you use. Update your passwords often. Use two-factor authentication. Look for product certifications such as Intertek's CyberAssured mark. And if something doesn't look or sound right, disconnect it. 

Connected Devices are amazing products and make our lives more efficient, more entertaining, even more fulfilled for some. Just be sensible and take a few steps to protect your privacy. 


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