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Food safety know-how can help save organic acreage

Navigating dual regulatory frameworks presents a daunting challenge, especially for small- and mid-sized organic farmers who must adhere to both food safety and organic certification standards. While ensuring produce is free from harmful pathogens is fundamental, organic certification entails specific farming practices such as soil preservation without synthetic inputs or GMOs. The complexity extends to compliance costs, water testing, livestock proximity, and meticulous record-keeping, particularly concerning organic soil amendments like compost. A USDA grant aims to alleviate these barriers, facilitating safer food production without compromising organic integrity, thereby meeting consumer demand and fostering sustainable agriculture.

At Intertek we help organisations with assurance, testing, inspection and certification solutions for your food sourcing, farming and agriculture operations.

“I’d like to see all food organic. We need more organic acreage. No one thought twice about it then, but those chemicals can get people sick and into the soil and the air." said Tom Kennedy, a consumer and an organic gardener from Bellingham, WA.


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