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If you cannot save the world by yourself in one go, try joining forces and taking smaller steps!

We all know that it is not "5 minutes before high noon" concerning climate change, agricultural challenges and human rights/social compliance topics, but less than a minute or even only a few seconds left. So the tendency is trying to do something with an enormous impact or not doing anything at all, believing there is no use at all.

I myself believe that every small step is better than nothing and joining forces is at least one option to help preserve our planet and decrease the accelaration of the run-away-train.

Therefore I would like to draw your attention to one initiative which has to do with sustainable and ecological farming where a) the farmers themselves profit more than usuallly and b) we as consumers can actively take some influence.

A few years ago I started buying olive oil directly from the farmers via a platform called CrowdFarming. The cool thing is that you get organic olive oil and you pay the farmer directly, i.e. there is no supply chain where everybody is tyrining to make a profit. In the meantime I have also started buying fruit, such as lemons, oranges. The challenge there is, that when you buy 6 or 10 kgs of the product you have to either eat them quite fast or you cook delicous orange/lemon marmelade.

Give it a try, it makes sense!

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In the 2022 impact and sustainability report we tell you everything we have done to get a little closer to our goal of revolutionising the agri-food chain, the fruits that this year has brought, and some of the seeds that we have planted with great enthusiasm!


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