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‘G’ in ESG: The Forgotten One

According to this article I was reading in Sustainability Magazine, between 2018-2021 alone, inflows into global sustainability funds rose from $5 billion to nearly $70 billion.  But it highlighted that despite this focus there is still not enough attention paid to the Governance element in ESG. 

When we look at any Greenwashing articles recently we see a lot of unfounded or substantiated claims. Many times we see lacking Governance structure that underpins a strong Sustainability strategy. 

It is critical when we think of the upcoming reporting needs under the CSR Directive that companies start now to ensure they have a clear governance model in place to help with their reporting needs. 

At Intertek we truly believe this is the starting point to achieving success with a Sustainability Strategy - sound Governance model. Our Total Sustainability Assurance model helps companies gap assess where they stand today against all ten pillars that make a sound sustainable business.  

Total Sustainability Assurance (

Governance and transparency are intrinsically linked. Without transparency and accountability, an organisation cannot determine the right course of action to meet ESG goals or verify any claim to be a good corporate citizen. In other words, the ‘G’ holds the key to the realisation of the ‘E’ and the ‘S’.


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