The reader might remember my post of Nov 3rd 2022 on the topic of "Tackling Due Diligence and the supply chain vs playing rugby." where I mentioned the underlying principles of rugby and how they should matter in business and leadership.

These days I again stumbled over these values and challenges and how some individuals and corporation either live to it or sometimes don´t really care.

First example I would like to mention is something that recently happened with a big IT company.announced the layoff of about five per cent of its workforce - 10,000 jobs are concerned. The layoff was necessary, according to the management, due to declining sales and the realignment of the company structure. However only a few hours earlier the executives of the IT company enjoyed themselves at a private concert - funded by the company - by rock singer Sting on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos. The spend of assumed half a million dollars surely wouldn´t have saved or limited the planned layoffs, however it is against any ethical or solidarity behaviour within business. At the very least the timing of these two events reflects really badly on the world's largest software producer.

Also this month I saw two different approaches how to deal with taking a step back from a leadership role, how to stay role model or how to really make a mess. Interesting enough both persons are/were politicians, one the former German defence minister the other Jacinda Arderen, former prime minister of New Zeeland. 

The term of office of the German defence minister wasn´t really an example of effectivity and thought leadership, it was also accompanyied by "iunlucky" comments and post from the minister and in the end a prolonged "should I stay or should I go" procedure. Too insecure to take a decision and sticking to the position, therefore missing at least 3 of the 5 core rugby values being discipline, integrity and respect towards the job which has to be done.

On the far other side and this not only geographically is Jacinda Arderen. Not only did she show leadership throughout her time being prime minister, showing passion and compassion during tough times and being a role model for her people and country, she also realised, that perhaps she didn´t have enough strength and stamina left to be the right person for the job in the future. She decided on what she thinks is best for her people and didn´t cling to her amenities, she took the tougher decision and by admitting weakness she showed strength.

Lots of above should also be part of your everyday work with and within your supply chain, while trying to meet requirements and being compliant. There shouldn´t be any half hearted decisions, or bending of rules just to make life easier or profit higher. If you use the five underlying principles of rugby as your foundation for your everday decisions in business, repeating them as your mantra you cannot fail in achieving the best possible.