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Ongoing crises slowing down labour market

The ongoing war in Ukraine as well as the Covid-19 situation are not only endangering the improvements one might have achieved in battling the human right issues in the supply chain, it also has an adverse effect.

The 10th edition of the "ILO Monitor on the world of work" clearly shows that the situation in the labour market is worsening. Some of the key messages / statements are:

  • Recovery in hours worked remains uneven and is now threatened by slowdown
  • Divergence in employment persists
  • Informal job growth outpacing formal work 

Positive tendencies in the past such as reduction of the gender gap is being threatened by the slowdown and has increased during the Covid-19 crisis, and as unfortunately too often the group of workers most affected are among the low-skilled and middle-skilled whereas the situation of the high-skilled workers is at pre-Covid-19 level.

We need a strong commitment to initiatives such as the UN Global Accelerator on Jobs and Social Protection, which would create 400 million jobs and extend social protection to the four billion people who are currently unprotected." Gilbert F. Houngbo, ILO Director-General


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