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Doing Our Part for Sustainable Tourism

After the last few years of staying close to home, I am more than ready to start getting out and seeing the world again. Given the recent rebound in international travel, I know I'm not alone. 

The tourism industry can have many benefits for local economies, increases cultural awareness, and is a crucial driver for socio-economic progress...however, tourism also can hurt popular destinations, which are increasingly threatened by pollution, environmental hazards, and damage to heritage sites. 

I love these tips from the UN that will help us all to do our part in preserving tourism destinations and leaving little impact of our time spent in these locations. 

After a period of plummeting tourism numbers during the pandemic, tourism is having a resurgence. This is good news for many workers and businesses, but it could be bad for the planet. Here is a selection of ways tourists can ensure that their holidays don’t harm the environment.


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