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In 2020, Intertek Cristal developed the POSICheck module to meet the needs of audits to prevent the spread of infections in hotels. Despite being related to COVID-19, many other infections can and do happen in hotels, as the movement of people from different places and the concentration of guests in the same place are favourable for the spread of infections.

How many times do we hear incidences of 'viruses' among children, inside the hotel, and the next day dozens of guests have symptoms of infection, and no action is taken by hotel managers to minimize the risk of an outbreak. This awareness, about when an outbreak occurs, what actions to implement, who are the responsible people, what training these people need to have, which departments or areas within the hotel are more sensitive to infections, among others, are items that are in POSICheck and that are not normally thought of by hotel managers.

We need to work with 'prevention' and have determined and documented plans for times of crisis or outbreak. In times of outbreak, the entire team must know how to act effectively. That's why we give so much importance to POSICheck and we want hoteliers to be aware of this, as many infections can be spread in hotels and we need it to be a safe environment, both for guests and internal customers.

Don't risk your operation doing nothing, have POSICheck as an ally for your daily operations!

In these days of pandemics and emerging infectious diseases, every hospitality location needs to show that they take customer safety and welfare seriously.


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