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Social Media and Quality Assurance

Social media & Quality are playing a crucial role nowadays. As marketeers from this unique industry (Assurance, Testing, Inspection and Certification), our role is to provide accurate and relevant information for all audiences.

Our customers are mainly companies, who are looking for a third-party strategic ally, that helps them to provide and deliver trust to all stakeholders. On this aspect, the Quality Assurance, not only about the product or service, but about the communication delivered, is a key aspect to generate the desired impact on key targets.

On our daily rush, we cannot forget about our role. In our need to highlight the benefits of our services we always need to provide accurate and impartial information, even more about the services and solutions our companies provide. Quality Assurance for Marketeers of the ATIC sector doesn´t ends when the end user is safe and happy with any product, Quality Assurance doesn´t ever ends because in our pursuit for Quality, Safety and Sustainability, there will always be something to take care of, and being aware of that details and being capable of communicating them is our 24/7 role.

The most common risks and requirements generally fall into four broad categories: Privacy and data security Confidentiality Marketing claims Access and archiving