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Changing attitudes to the foods that we eat

Whether it is due to the Coronavirus pandemic or the increasing concerns regarding our environment and the planet as a whole, there has been a significant shift in the way in which we view the food we eat. Even though there has not been a significant increase in the population turning to veganism there has been a seismic shift in the variety of non-meat food products on our supermarket shelves. Maybe the perception that vegetarian foods are healthier than their meat counterpart or the environmental concerns of eating too much meat has started to have an impact on consumers. Are consumers certainly in the EU becoming more Flexiterian?

This article by Pat Hanson a consultant for "Naturally colourful" looks at the growing trend to non-meat based food products and discusses some of the reasons why non-meat products are becoming more popular among consumers.

There’s no denying that consumer demand for plant-based meat analogues is shifting the market. From major brands looking to capitalize on the segment’s growing popularity to new up-and-coming brands innovating quickly, everyone wants a piece of the plant-based meat pie. So what opportunities are there for a brand to make room for itself on the increasingly crowded shelf?