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| 1 minute read

Retail Price Tags - The real cost of our products

Sustainability is increasingly a more important differentiator for brands and suppliers to win buyers. As a consumer, I do look for the labels that tell me the country of origin, what materials the product is made from, and like everyone else…the price tag.

However, what I see as missing information is the cost of the item for the brand. This information may seem unnecessary and it is something I’m sure many have not considered. I believe this transparency would give consumers more information than they think about how a product was made and allow them to make an informed decision as to their investment into the brand.

I say brand not product here because the brands have the power and influence to appeal to the customer with their ethical and sustainable sourcing values, even if that means a higher price tag. It’s the brands that can make a real difference in the lives of the workers throughout the global supply chain, and I believe consumers would be happy to support a living wage for workers if they only knew the real cost of their products.

Sounds like a crazy thought! I would love to have the opportunity to listen to like-minded colleagues on how to bring balance in the supply chain.

Good clothing should never go “out of style”, nor should the label selling it be raking in a huge profit while paying producers of textiles a pittance.


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