As a marketing professional, it is my job to ensure fast, relevant, and factual information to our internal and external stakeholders, always. However, we like all areas of the business have been thrown the proverbially wrench with the on-set of COVID-19 and now more than ever it is critical that we take our processes a step further and go beyond the present, and the next trend and begin to look at what will shape our next “normal”.

This article discusses just that, how do we make sure that we are providing the assurance our customers need to continue doing business in the safest most effective way possible that is relevant to our current circumstances. First, we must acknowledge the environment in which we are in. Fear and concern is evident but it has not brought the world to a screeching halt. It has forced us to become agile and innovative in the way we do business and the way we communicate. People do not have the time nor the brain space to filter through the noise that comes with the territory of traditional marketing, hence the need to get the message across fast and in the right way for the present but also the long term.

This is the time that we need to support our customers, help them understand what they can do in return to support their own client base. The sense of partnership needs to be deeply recognized and evident so that your messaging goes beyond “selling” but rather to understanding and support.

At Intertek, we take this sense of partnership very seriously and we are on this journey with you. All of the audits you have gone through, the tests you have had conducted on your products, and the inspections you have done have provided you with a foundation to confidently market to your customers that you are doing your due diligence to ensure safe and quality products and services, not just now but as we enter the “next normal”.